Algorithm: NIST5

Max Supply: 4.450.000

Block Time: 60s

Block Maturity: 50 Blocks

Max. Number of PoW Blocks: 10.098

PoS: 4%

Dificulty Retarget: Digishield

PoW Timespan: 7 days

ICO: 19.2%



Why NIST5?

Firstly introduced by Talkcoin, this algorithm was designed to have a better combination of power efficiency and security than current algorithms. NIST5 is the combination of the 5 final round candidates for the National Institute of Science and Technology's SHA-3 hash competition, (BLAKE - Grøstl - JH - Keccak - Skein). Using NIST5 we ensure that we will have a lower power consumption than other algorithms such as X11 or X13, and also low temperatures. And the most important thing, ASICs and FPGAs will be away from the scene, and the distribution will be more fair. Similarly, there are many algorithms being developed to execute the crypto trade autonomously. One of such is bitcoin up software that executes the bitcoin trade autonomously.

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